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    Password Profiles

    Password Profiles

    A password_profile resource represents a specific configuration that allows users to authenticate through username and password.

    The Password Profile object

    idstringThe unique identifier for this password profile.
    metaobjectAdditional information for this password profile. For more information, see The meta object.



    The username_format of the password profile. You can change the username-format setting. However, the changes apply only to the users created or updated after changing this setting. The new setting does not change the username_format for existing users.

    The options are:

    • any
    • email
    namestringThe name of the password profile.
    typestringThe type of object returned. You must use password_profile.
    enable_one_time_password_tokenbooleanThis enables one time password token requests and events for authentication. This feature is disabled by default.

    Sample Object

        "data": {
            "meta": {
                "created_at": "2021-06-03T20:21:04.579Z",
                "updated_at": "2021-06-03T20:21:04.579Z"
            "type": "password_profile",
            "id": "cfec5b5b-abc8-4c49-8247-495b511607fc",
            "username_format": "email",
            "name": "password profile",
            "enable_one_time_password_token" : true
        "links": {
            "self": ""

    The meta Object

    meta.created_atstringThe creation date of this password profile.
    meta.updated_atstringThe last updated date of this password profile.