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    Creating an Application Key in Commerce Manager

    Creating an Application Key in Commerce Manager

    In a Commerce store, all organization and store admins can create, view, and manage the list of keys in a store.

    1. In Commerce Manager, go to SYSTEM > Application Keys.

      The Application Keys Page is displayed.

    2. Go to the Application Keys tab.

    3. Click Create new.

      The New Application Key page is displayed.

    4. In the Name field, enter the name of the key that you want.

    5. (Optional) In the Requests per second field, enter the reserved rate limit for the key. Each organization and store has a specific rate limit. You can reserve a rate limit to the application key associated with that specific application. For more information, see Application Keys Overview.

    6. Click Create.

      Make sure to copy your Client Secret key and save it somewhere else because your Client Secret key will be not be displayed to you again. Alternatively, you can click Download as CSV File to save the information.

      The Store ID, Requests per second, API Base URL, Client ID, and Client-Secret fields are populated. The application key is created and shown on the Application Keys page.

    7. (Optional) To delete the application key, do the following:

      1. In the Actions column, click the three dots.
      2. Click Delete.
      3. Enter the name of the application Key to be deleted.
      4. Click Yes, Delete. This action cannot be undone.
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