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Merchant Realm Mappings

The Merchant Realm Mapping object is used to locate the Authentication Realm which administrators use to sign in to a store via single sign-on. When supplied in the mapping, the prefix field is used during authentication to determine the appropriate authentication realm to sign in with.

Merchant Realm Mapping object

idstringThe unique identifier for this merchant realm mapping.
prefixstringThe store prefix that is assigned to this merchant realm mapping. This can be null if a store prefix has not been assigned.
realm_idstringThe ID of the authentication realm used to sign in as administrator.
store_idstringSystem-generated store ID.
typestringThe type represents the object being returned.

Sample Object

"data": {
"id": "925c8617-41b3-44fa-ac4b-2f6edd1bd3c5",
"prefix": "mystore",
"realm_id": "e730bf37-ed95-4ca9-b4c4-2c5ee08b21d7",
"store_id": "88888888-4444-4333-8333-111111111111",
"type": "merchant-realm-mappings"