• Account Authentication Settings/

    Account Authentication Settings

    You can use the Account Authentication Settings endpoint to retrieve settings controlling account authentication.

    The Account Authentication Settings object

    idstringThe unique identifier for these account authentication settings.
    metaobjectAdditional information for these account authentication settings. Also see: The meta object below.
    relationshipsobjectRelated resources. Also see: The relationships object below.
    typestringThe type represents the object being returned.
    enable_self_signupbooleanSet to true to enable self signup
    auto_create_account_for_account_membersbooleanThis will automatically create account for every account member created
    account_member_self_managementstringWhether a user with Account Management Authentication Token can update their own account member details. By default, this is disabled. Set to update_only if you want the user to be able to update their own account member details. The user can update their own account member details by updating User Authentication Info and User Authentication Password Profile Info.

    Sample Object

        "data": {
            "id": "2c45e4ec-26e0-4043-86e4-c15b9cf985a2",
            "type": "account_authentication_settings",
            "enable_self_signup": true,
            "auto_create_account_for_account_members": true,
            "account_member_self_management": "disabled",
            "relationships": {
                "authentication_realm": {
                    "data": {
                        "id": "3418c54e-d768-42c1-a9db-d7afd2a18452",
                        "type": "authentication_realm",
                        "links": {
                            "self": "https://api.moltin.com/v2/authentication-realms/3418c54e-d768-42c1-a9db-d7afd2a18452"
            "meta": {
                "client_id": "accounts"

    The meta object

    meta.client_idstringThe client id to be used in Single Sign On authentication flows for accounts.

    The relationships object

    relationships.authentication_realmobjectRelationship information regarding the authentication realm entity used for authentication for this store.
    relationships.authentication_realm.dataobjectInformation regarding the authentication realm entity.
    relationships.authentication_realm.data.idstringThe id of the authentication realm entity.
    relationships.authentication_realm.data.typestringThe type of the authentication realm entity.

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