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    The following table gives an overview of the entities that carry quotas and the scope in which they are used.

    Currencies10per store
    Unique Cart Items100per cart
    Tax Items5per cart item
    Search parameters10per search filter
    Events5per integration
    Integrations100per store
    Stores100per user
    Promotion codes1000per promotion
    Promotions1000per store
    Catalog10,000pagination offset
    Customers10,000pagination offset
    Inventories10,000pagination offset
    Flow fields100per flow
    Customer Address25per customer
    Account Address25per account

    The Product Experience Manager entities do not have quotas at this time. The entities include products, price books, hierarchies, catalogs, and catalog rules.

    While there is no limit on the number of SKUs, retrieving thousands of products on, for example, a “Show All Products” page for your store can cause system slow downs. If your queries are limited to smaller subsets of your products, the store’s performance stays within acceptable limits.

    If you need higher quotas, please contact us to discuss your plan, use cases, and requirements. We can increase quotas on a case-by-case basis.

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