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    API Reference

    The Elastic Path Commerce Cloud API is a set of APIs used to manage resources. The following table lists the top-level resources in alphabetical order with a brief description and links to related content. To view all endpoints, see the methods in the linked sections or use the Postman collection.

    /pcm/catalogsCatalog configuration, rules, and shopper context.Catalogs, Catalog by Shopper Context
    /pcm/catalogRetrieve the published catalog that best matches the shopper context according to the defined catalog rules.Catalogs, Catalog by Shopper Context
    /pcm/hierarchiesHierarchy management that supports user-defined, structured hierarchies.EP PXM Hierarchies
    /pcm/jobsViewing the status of https://api.moltin.com/pcm/products/:productId/build request in the build.PXM Jobs
    /pxm/pricebooksPrice books contain product prices in multiple currencies.Price Books
    /pcm/productsProduct information and relationships.EP PXM Products
    /pcm/variationsCreate and view product variations for your store.EP PXM Product Variations
    /v2/authentication-realmsSingle sign-on support for your business customers.Authentication Realms, OpenID Connect Profiles
    /v2/cartsCart management, including carts, cart items, and taxes. Associate carts with customers.Carts
    /v2/currenciesCurrencies that are used to display prices.Currencies
    /v2/customersCustomer management, including addresses and orders.Customers
    /v2/filesImages and other files.Files
    /v2/fieldsProduct attributes used to define characteristics of products in a store.Create an attribute
    /v2/flowsData model extensions. You can extend an existing resource or create a new resource.Custom Data (Flows)
    v2/gatewaysPayment gateways that you can configure so that customers can pay for their orders.Gateways
    /v2/integrationsIntegrate Elastic Path Commerce Cloud with your external systems using webhooks and message queue services.Integrations
    /v2/inventoriesInventory management within your project.Inventories
    /v2/jobsTask management for long-running background tasks, such as exporting orders.Jobs
    /v2/merchant-realm-mappingsSingle sign-on configuration for administrators and developers.Merchant Realm Mapping
    /v2/ordersOrders are the result of checking out a cart. A payment for an order is called a transaction.Orders, Transactions
    /v2/personal-dataView and manage personal data.Logs, Related Data Entries
    /v2/promotionsPromotions management, including promotion codes.Promotions
    /v2/settingsGlobal settings that affect your project, such as page length and language settings.Settings

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