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Studio Release 139 | April 17, 2022


In release 139 we've added a number of new style guide settings and editor improvements!

Box Border Styles

We've made it easy to build round boxes and even add dotted or dashed borders to simulate coupons.

Also, check out that new fancy color picker!

Additional Headings

We're added support for additional header styles. H1, H2, H3 are configured by default, but you are now able to add H4, H5, and H6.

Toggles for product collections

We added toggles for Title & Price to the product collection component. We also made it possible to adjust the gap between products.

Complete List of Resolved Items

  • Added support for border width, color, dash, and radius on box toolbars.
  • Added a tooltip under the page path field so that entering text into that field will now show what the final URL will look like.
  • Added support for H4, H5, H6.
  • Fixed an issue where the color option for Blog H2 wasn't lined up properly in the Style Guide.
  • Fixed an issue where some product sizes wouldn't show up as "in stock".
  • Fixed an issue where the previous image/next image arrows in the product component would be misaligned vertically on first load.
  • Fixed an issue where the second image in a product component would sometimes be pushed to the following row if there was a long product description or many thumbnails.
  • Fixed an error that would appear if were multiple product components were added to the same page.
  • Added support for a "Gap" between items in a product collection component.
  • Added support for price and title toggles for the product collection component.
  • Fixed an issue where products in a collection component would show the prices multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of columns in a collection component couldn't be changed if a product wasn't already added to the component.
  • Fixed an issue where some 301 redirects weren't properly including the proxy path in the redirect URL.
  • Fixed an issue where entering an operator for the first time when defining a condition would take two clicks to respond, rather than one.
  • Updated the images used in the quickstart section of the Unstack Admin.
  • Adjusted the quickstart integration list to no longer include HubSpot or Salesforce if the user is an eCommerce merchant.
  • Fixed an issue where the bubble behind the number of items in the a users "bag" was showing up as transparent.
  • Fixed an issue where primary button would disappear on hover.
  • Fixed an issue where solo buttons were sometimes misaligned.
  • Fixed an issue where "&" was not rendering properly in the article preview.
  • Fixed an issue where sections with long names forced other sections to wrap to the next line in the section editor list.
  • Fixed an editor-specific form alignment issue.
  • Fixed an issue where the footer logo placeholder text would show properly in the editor, but the placeholder image would appear in the rendered page.