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Prorations & Dunning Now Available for Subscriptions

MAJOR Proration and Dunning are now available for subscriptions.

  • Proration is the adjustment of charges or credits on a subscribers account based on the amount of time a service is used. Proration ensures that subscribers are only charged for the actual time they use the service, whether they upgrade, downgrade, start, or cancel their subscription partway through a billing cycle. This means fair billing for your subscribers and provides you with the flexibility to change your subscribers subscriptions at any time. For more information, see Proration Policies.
  • Dunning rules describe the process for collecting outstanding payments for recurring subscriptions and what action is taken after the defined number of payment attempts have failed to successfully take payment. For example, if a customer's payment fails, Subscriptions automatically retries the payment up to X times over Y days, reducing churn and increasing revenue recovery. For more information, see Dunning Rules.