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March 10, 2023

Major The new Organizations feature in Commerce Manager is now available. Organizations enable multi-site management that allows you to control and distribute the following organizational entities to all stores in the organization:

  • Products

  • Hierarchies

  • Pricebook

    For more information, see Organizations.

    To setup Organizations in Commerce Manager, you must submit a support ticket.

Major A new Elastic Path Commerce Cloud Inventory Import utility in the Integrations Hub in Commerce Manager enables you to quickly and easily create and update inventory data in your Elastic Path Commerce Cloud store. See Elastic Path Commerce Cloud Inventory Import.

Major You can now integrate Elastic Path Commerce Cloud with the Google Content API for Shopping in the Integrations Hub in Commerce Manager. This enables you to register your website with Google so your products appear automatically in the Google search results in the Shopping tab. See Integrating with Google Content API for Shopping.